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Engine Oil DI Packages

Engine Oil DI Packages Manufacturers And Suppliers in UAE

An Engine Oil not only ensures lubrication between metal parts within an engine, but it also serves various other functions to counteract the reactions that take place within. Additives play a huge role in fulfilling these functions by neutralizing acidic reactions, preventing soot build up, fighting oxidation and creating a thin film around engine parts in order to minimize friction and corrosion. These are some of the challenges that we as an engine oil di packages manufacturer provide solutions for.

Top Polymers FZC prides itself on being an Engine Oil DI Packages Manufacturer in UAE, under its flagship brand – PETROLENE Lubricant Additives. We not only manufacture automotive additive packages but we also supply Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil and ATF additive packages.

PETROLENE Engine Oil DI Packages have been painstakingly formulated to maximize the effectiveness of an engine oil’s functions and support the long life of an engine, while simultaneously offering unique solutions to engine oil manufacturers in UAE and around the globe. Being an API Spec Q1 certified company, we follow detailed quality control procedures set in place to ensure that a high quality product is being manufactured every time. As an additive package manufacturer, we emphasize on quality products that provide value to our customers through lower dosage rates and cascading products that potentially carry over to a long list of other benefits.

Our commitment to quality requires us to carry out annual supplier audits, regular raw material inspections, stringent production procedures and consistent third-party batch testing. All this is to make sure that a high quality product reaches our customers every time.

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