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Are you looking to find the best pigment powder supplier in UAE that can meet your quality expectations? Want a wide variety of pigment powder that can exceed your expectations? You have found the best and most experienced pigment powder supplier in UAE with Top Polymers. With decades of hands-on industry experience, we can meet any and all of your quality requirements and pigment specifications. Whether you want the pigment powder for industrial or commercial purposes, we have got the best in the field that you are going to love.

As a client-centric pigment powder supplier in UAE, we are extremely particular about the quality of the supplies that we deliver. Hence, we provide test certificates for batches and samples are provided with the orders made by the clients. This helps us always conform to the best quality in the market and far exceed the quality choices of our customers.

We have a wide variety of fluorescent pigments and oxides with us and you can also choose the pigment shade that you want from our pigment shade collection.

Fluorescent Pigments

Pigments that can be stimulated by light are known as fluorescent pigments. They are much brighter and have a plethora of colors than most conventional pigments. One of the reasons for this phenomena is the UV light and it is also known as UV fluorescent pigments.

At Top Polymers, you can find the best fluorescent pigments that can be used for both commercial and industrial applications.

We have the following fluorescent pigments with us for you:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Violet
  • Pink
  • Magenta


A popular and flexible alternative to natural pigments, oxides are widely used in commercial and industrial applications. One of the most important aspects of the oxides is its opacity and tinting capability. At Top Polymer, we provide two of the most sought-after oxides in the field.

We take extreme care to ensure that these oxides are able to meet the quality and coloring expectations of the clients at all times.

  • Yellow Oxide
  • Red Oxide

Pigment Shades

Being an experienced color pigment trader, we also deal in a variety of pigment shades as well. If you are looking for a reliable trader of color pigment, Top Polymer is the best name in the field. Not only do we supply the pigments, we also manufacture our own pigments. This makes us one of the most trusted pigment manufacturers in UAE.

We have a wide variety of pigment shades with us as given below:

  • Pigment Blue
    • Available varieties: 15:0/15:1/15:3 & 15:4
  • Ultramarine Blue Pigment
  • Pigment Green
    • Available variety: 7
  • Pigment Yellow
    • Available varieties: 1/3/12/13/14/17/74 & 83
  • Pigment Violet
    • Available variety: 23
  • Pigment Red
    • Available variety: 2/3/8/48:1/48:2/48:3/48:4/49:1/53:1/57:1/112/146/170 & 210
  • Pigment Orange
    • Available variety: 5/13 & 34

You can pick any of them as per your needs. And you won’t have to worry a thing about the quality of the pigments as they are all manufactured under stringent international standards.

What Makes Us the Best Pigment Powder Supplier in UAE?

Although there are many pigment powder suppliers in UAE, Top Polymers has built a unique brand image for not just our pigment powders but also for our service offerings. With every order that we get, we go beyond the extra mile to deliver the best support experience for our clients. Our dedicated efforts to serve our clients well and make them all delighted with each order make all the difference.

However, it is not just these committed efforts that make us one of the best pigment powder suppliers in UAE. It is the combination of the following service traits that really make us the best pigment manufacturer in UAE. Take a look at the same.

Own Manufacturing Facilities

Being an international supplier of pigment powder in UAE, we have our own manufacturing facilities and units. Each of these facilities are well-equipped with extensive machineries to meet even the most challenging requirements of the clients. We also employed experienced and skilled engineers to ensure that the pigments and oxides that we manufacture are the best in the market.

Our Experience in the Domain

We have been in the industry for decades. This experience has helped us cater to even the most challenging of requirements in the best way possible. We know what our clients need and what their quality expectations are when it comes to delivering an order. This is one of the reasons why we are considered among the best fluorescent suppliers in UAE.

International Quality Benchmarks

We are extremely particular about the quality of the products that we deliver as much as the quality of the services we offer. Hence, we have international quality standards in place in our manufacturing facilities to meet the stringent quality expectations of the clients with our pigments and oxides. The same sentiment is also reflected in every way we serve and support our clients to complete their orders with us.

Professional Customer Care

Top Polymers understand that each client is a unique entity and would have a range of concerns regarding their orders. In order to address such concerns, we have constituted a team of experienced customer care agents that can be contacted any time for any help regarding the orders. They are extremely amicable and professional to support you in every way they can.

Affordable Pigment Supply

Although we deliver the best pigments and oxides to our clients at international quality, our prices have always been value-adding and affordable. We take extreme care to make sure that the clients are able to get maximum value for their investments with us at all times. This is also one of the reasons why we became the top fluorescent powder supplier in UAE.

Quick Turnaround Time

Another element that helps us always serve our clients better is our commitment to deliver the order on time. Even if you have a shorter time-period for the delivery to complete, we have got the right infrastructure and support to help you do that. Hence, you can always rely on us to complete your order even before you would expect it to be completed.

Hire Us for the Best Pigment Powder Supplies

We know that you want the best pigment powder in UAE. As we have our own technology-driven pigment manufacturing facilities, we are always able to control the quality of the pigments that we make. This is why our pigments are highly recommended for all types of commercial and industrial purposes.

Top Polymers also has a unique pigment manufacturing process that keeps the quality of the pigments top-notch. This is why we are considered as one of the best fluorescent pigment suppliers in UAE. The long list of our delighted clients who want to keep working with us underlines our client-centered approach and the quality of the fluorescent pigments that we deliver.

If you wish to know more about the pigment powders that we offer and its properties, we have a dedicated customer care line that you can call. Our customer care desk will provide you with all the details that you need to finalize your order with us.

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