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Synthetic Rubber Suppliers in UAE

Synthetic And Natural Rubber Suppliers in UAE

Growing rapidly, TOP POLYMER FZC is a constantly working on an innovative and cutting-edge technology, producing results with optimal outcomes. Proving to our customers time and time again, that we are a dedicated and driven team that works hard to ensure the products we release and showcase to our clients meet national as well as international standards.

Our supply chain has been fine-tuned over the years and in the UAE industry of Synthetic Rubber suppliers we have earned our mark diligently. We have also branched out and diversified our product range; we utilized our team of highly skilled technicians to develop synthetic rubber, and we are constantly striving to refine the suppliers process of our Nitrile rubber, Styrene Butadiene rubber and EPDM rubber, to produce only superior products with a long-life span.

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Synthetic Rubber

Being a synthetic rubber suppliers and distributor in UAE, we have extended our R&D to the niche market of suppliers and distributing EPDM Rubber, Styrene Butadiene Rubber and Nitrile Rubber products in the UAE.

Such synthetic rubber products are utilized in diverse industries.

Nitrile Rubber also know as NBR or nitrile butadiene rubber is a type of synthetic rubber with a wide range of products suppliers which includes gaskets, oil seals, dynamic hydraulic seals, non-latex products such as  gloves, hoses, automotive transmission belts, cable jackets, printer’s foam rollers and even  added in the production of adhesives and used as a binder for pigments. These items are usually used in fuel systems for aircrafts, automotive, and marine vessels.

EPDM Rubber, which stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer (that’s a lot of words!) refers to the many small molecules that make up a singular bond that make the structure for this synthetic rubber. This is suppliers due to its demand in being able to handle outdoor conditions rays, aging and is even waterproof. The fact that EDPM rubber products can be used outdoors in averse conditions is its biggest advantage!

Another significant application of EPDM rubber is in the automotive industry, as its properties provide the vehicles with long term protection. Most of the vehicle’s parts which is made up of seals, sealants, wires and cable is all created using EPDM rubber more often than not. Car bumpers and fender extensions are also made using EPDM rubber mixed in with other ingredients due to its flexible and resilient nature. It’s also used widely in the industrial and constructional industry because of the properties that make up this synthetic rubber allow for a longer period of life and also works as an electrical insulator, sealant, and tolerates extreme temperature.

SBR or Styrene Butadiene Rubber is another type of synthetic rubber that we suppliers in the UAE. The materials that make up the rubber provides a significant aging constancy and is abrasion resistant as well. Lightweight automotive tires, shoe soles and heels, conveyer belts, and even some types of adhesives are made using SBR.  SBR is the most popular general-purpose rubber suppliers. Due to its versatile nature as a long-range elasticity and high traction.

Our Synthetic rubber types

To know more in detail about our suppliers process for synthetic rubbers or the product itself, please get in touch with our team. We will provide you solutions and even customize your order as per your request.

Top Polymers FZC has a long-standing reputation with its clients for providing high standards of service and exceptional quality of products that meet international standard in terms of ranking.

Listed below are the items we are currently supplying and distributing in the UAE, Africa, South America, & South East Asia

Natural Rubber

Natural Rubber

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