TOP POLYMERS FZC is committed to innovative technology and world-class research.
We continue to offer customers new and improved technologies, superior and cost-effective product performance, and leading edge technical support.

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We offer all varieties and grades of synthetic and natural rubbers. All grades of EPDM, EPM, SBR, SSBR, BR, NBR, CR. Natural Rubbers, Carbon black and Rubber Chemicals also available.



Thickeners and viscosity index improvers are polymeric, and are added to lubricants to reduce the degree of change in viscosity seen at high and low temperatures. Mineral oil lubricants become less effective at high temperatures because heat reduces their viscosity and film-forming ability.



A wide variety of additives for passenger car motor oils (PCMO) for all round protection and optimum performance of your automobile. A host of solutions for minimization of oxidation, wax crystal formation, wearing and foaming of your engine oil to avoid your hassles on the road.


TOP POLYMERS FZC caters to the lubricant industry and have been key suppliers to the rubber industry for a variety of applications. For the lube oil industry we are distributors of various additives viz viscosity index improvers, Detergents, Dispersants, Pour Point Depressants, Anti-Wear additives etc. and have a tangible market presence not only in the United Arab Emirates but also the GCC region, North Africa and the indian subcontinent. We are distributors of various grades of synthetic rubbers viz, EP(D)M, SBR, S-SBR, PBR, NBR.

Cost Containment

Additionally we are supported by a global network of material suppliers and our huge warehouses at: Nhava Sheva [India] , Jebel Ali [UAE] Antwerp [Europe] and Houston [USA] gives us the capacity to store large amount of materials. This adds up to significant cost savings for our customers.

Experience & Expertise

The team at TOP POLYMERS FZC is a qualified and experienced group of individuals. Our endeavour has always been to succeed through premier quality and that has earned us an unmatched reputation in the last 4 decades. We have accumulated experience through more than 1000 projects - each designed to respond effectively to our clients' most significant strategic and operational challenges.

Commitment To The Field

Over the years the company has achieved recognized importance, both on the national as well as international level, allowing us to provide our customers with consistent quality polymers and rubber raw material.

Customer Service

At TOP POLYMERS FZC, customer satisfaction and service is our priority. WE LISTEN. WE RESPOND. Our aim is to work together and grow together.

Quality Control

We check and maintain our technical equipment in a state of the art facility. We have a strict Quality Control Plan for each of our products. All necessary measures are taken to secure data traceability.