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Pour Point Depressants

Pour Point Depressants (PPD) are special additives used in oils and lubricants to improve their performance in cold temperatures. When oils get really cold, they become highly viscous and are unable to flow through the engine.

Pour Point Depressants help prevent this by lowering the temperature at which the oil starts to get thick and flow less easily. This ensures that the oil remains flowable in frigid climatic conditions.

Top Polymers is known for providing high-quality additives that enhance the performance of oils and lubricants. Our Pour Point Depressants are carefully designed to ensure that oils maintain their optimal flow properties in cold temperatures, helping engines and machinery operate efficiently. With a reputation for excellence and reliability, Top Polymers is the go-to source for PETROLENE® PLPPD-618, that can help keep things running smoothly, no matter the temperature.

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