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Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic rubber is essentially obtained from crude oil and had initially gained its demand due to the shortage of Natural Rubber in World War I. Unlike natural rubber, which comes from trees, synthetic rubber is made by combining different chemical compounds to mimic the properties of natural rubber. It can be tailored to have specific characteristics, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Synthetic rubber is incredibly useful in various industries. It’s commonly found in products like tires for vehicles, conveyor belts for industrial use, hoses and seals for plumbing and engineering, footwear, adhesives, and even medical equipment like gloves and tubing.

Top Polymers is a well-known and respected supplier of synthetic rubber. Our name is connected with good quality, and we work hard to source the right product as per our customer’s needs. Whether you need synthetic rubber for tires, footwear, or other uses, we are here to help as we have a strong reputation of being dependable and trustworthy in the global rubber industry.

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