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Hydraulic Oil Additives

Hydraulic oil additives play an important role in maximizing the performance and longevity of hydraulic systems. It provides wear protection by reducing friction between moving parts, minimizing heat generation, preventing oxidation and corrosion, ensuring seal compatibility, controlling foam formation, and enhancing thermal stability. By incorporating hydraulic oil additives into hydraulic systems, operators can optimize performance, reduce wear and component damage, prevent system failures, and extend the overall lifespan of their equipment.

At Top Polymers, we understand how important additives are for making hydraulic systems work smoothly and efficiently. That’s why we are dedicated to creating and supplying top-quality hydraulic oil additives that meet the highest industry standards.

When you opt for Top Polymers as your hydraulic oil additive supplier, you can be rest assured of the unrivalled quality and reliability of our offerings. We source the finest raw materials and employ rigorous quality control measures to ensure consistent and exceptional performance. PETROLENE® hydraulic oil additives are carefully tested to meet or exceed industry specifications, providing you with peace of mind and optimal system performance.

Hydraulic Oil Additive Packages

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