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Viscosity Index Improvers

Best Quality Viscosity Index Improvers in the UAE

Viscosity Index Improvers are oil soluble polymers that act as a thickening agent for engine oils. Although they make up 1% of the total engine oil composition, these polymers play an important role in the engine by maintaining their viscosity at high temperatures and creating a thin layer around the engine parts in order to prevent metal to metal contact.
At Top Polymers FZC, we supply a variety of polymers from reputed manufacturers, to ensure the right product reaches the customer every time. Our polymers are delivered in the form of pellets, bales and liquid forms that are thoroughly tested by our team of chemists, before they are dispatched to the customer. Below you can find our line of products or you can inquire with us for new offers. Feel free to request for a sample, in order to conduct a lab trial.

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