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Viscosity Index Improvers

High-Quality Viscosity Index Improvers in the UAE

A Viscosity Index Improver is essentially an oil thickener and its primary function in an engine oil formulation is to form a thin film around the internal parts of the engine. Although they make up only 1% of the total engine oil formulation, a good quality viscosity modifier effectively plays its part by maintaining its viscosity at high temperatures, thereby reducing the friction between metal parts of the engines.

Top Polymers is a renowned viscosity index improver supplier in the UAE, adding value to Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils and Automatic Transmission Fluids. Our Viscosity Improvers are delivered in the form of pellets, bales and liquid forms that are thoroughly tested by our team of tribologists, before they are dispatched to the customer. Below you can find our line of products or you can inquire with us for new offers.

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